Beitland and West mBrosia: African Imagi-Nations.

 A page dedicated to the fluff and history of my homebrewed African nations they are mostly cobbled together from my notes, some rather silly ideas, and history. At the moment it is mostly in note form with very little fleshed out aside from core concepts.

The purpose of these is not to be a commentary upon post WWII colonial and post colonial history. Instead it is a merely a vehicle for imagination and stories using later WWII and early cold war equipment.



Flag of Beitland

Population: c8,000,000
Demographics: 13% White, 4% Khoisan, 83% Various Bantu groups.
Languages: English (official), Various Bantu locally, Afrikaans
Capital: Winchester
Largest River: Nincompopo (forms a major border)


Originally an area settle by the Khoi and San peoples they were displaced during the later Bantu migrations. European contact came in the 18th century with Dutch and British traders/trekkers. Following the annexation of the Cape in the later 18th Century fell into the British sphere of influence.  Towards the end of 19th century the great mineral wealth of the land came under claims of BSAC (British South Africa Corporation). Intensive survey and exploitation began under the BSAC with a great number of settlers coming both for the mining operations but also to develop agriculture with which to feed the miners. Due to the nature of the mining (precious metals) and German influence along the borders there was always a significant military presence, initially from the British South Africa Police and then from locally raised Askari and White units, alongside the Regular British Army.
(insert stories about BSAP and why the badge is on the flag).
Volunteers fought in Boer War and Formed a Battalion in WWI and WWII. Fought in Africa and Middle East during both wars. (expand)


Based along British/Commonwealth lines. Limited armour some Centurions left from pre-independence. Armoured cars/carriers relatively common mainstay. Relatively well equipped when compared to other states of the same size, due to necessity of mineral protection. Staghounds/Ferrets/Dingos/UCs/Panhards. Great number of soft skins, mostly British type trucks/lorries. Land Rover derivatives provide most staff car/light utility types.

West mBrosia 

Communist/socialist post colonial state (unsure former colonial power). A similar situation to French-Indo China/Malaya with a communist backed insurgency/uprising. Eventually wins and then is a Soviet (rather than Chicom) backed state. Distinct split in the nature of the armed forces with the Revolutionary Guard having far better equipment and training, mostly along soviet lines, when compared the regulars/militia.

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