Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Nordland Halberdiers

  A few photographs of my work in progress Empire halberdiers. The figures are from Artizan Designs with a few Citadel pieces (the Standard and halberd heads). The hafts are made from 1.2mm plastic rod, any larger and it would have seemed unwieldy. Overall I am quite happy with the finished unit. As of now they have been scraped and cleaned some more and finally undercoated.

I also received another unit of 20 Landsknechts that will be pikemen/spearmen. While they are assembled and based in the same manner as the halberdiers I have no photographs to share.

In other news the Mordheim campaign has begun and during which Heinrich's Heroes lost their first game rather dramatically. Having suffered five out of actions which resulted in the death of one witch hunter, one witch hunter being sold to the pits and losing against the pit fighter and the loss of one warhound. In turn the opponents suffered one out of action, a dwarf slayer. This is despite the heroic actions of the warrior priest managing to knock down and stun the Dwarf thane twice. Overall it was not a great time for the band but a few figures at least got some experience which hopefully with another game will lead to greater things.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Nordland Battle Standard

Here is my Battle Standard for my Nordland army. The figure is the 6th Edition Army Box standard bearer. I replaced the head as I as unsatisfied with the base model. The bare head and shaved sides didn't seem to fit the general aesthetic. I used a 6th edition plastic command head as it had a suitable number of feathers and plumes.

The head was fitted to the gorget and a little more hair sculpted, in a suitable 1520s style, to cover the join. The head may be a little large but I have trouble with scale of the figure and put it down to general inconsistencies with a Citadel figure.

The standard is once again a transfer, as I said before that I am a poor free hand painter. It is once again an Imperial Eagle, I feel that relatively simple and plain designs are the best and are especially well suited to transfers. This eagle is a little more embellished than that used for the greatswords which is rather fitting for a Battle Standard. The transfer is also the first I have done that involved colour. It worked well on the bright, yellow areas but no so well on the blue. I should have anticipated this but I merely went over the image with a suitable colour on the feet and beaks. It seemed to do the trick. Overall I am quite happy with the figure and especially the flag.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Nordland Greatswords Completed

The final ten Greatswords have been finished for a while now I just have not been able to take the pictures. The still need to be based but I have run out of the correct shade of static grass. Eventually I get some more and tart them up.

I am not particularly happy with the photographs I have taken of these figures. the paint jobs, while not stellar, do look a little better in person. hopefully I shall get a proper set up some time.

In other news the final copy of the Warhammer 40,000 comic Will of Iron arrived, now that I have all four issues and prologue I shall get down to reading! I have also recently finished a 'new' Gotrek and Felix, City of the Damned. Being a huge fan of Mordheim and  all things related I was intrigued. I was not overly impressed. The prose was too purple for what is a rather simple and adventure series and the general plot, while Gotrek and Felix in nature fell short and the big reveals rather easily telegraphed and generally lacking. I intend to start the new Osten Ard book soon to wash away the taint of that lacklustre effort.