Monday, 17 April 2017

Göteborg City Museum

Having spent this past Easter weekend in Gothenburg I have a few pictures from the City Museum. I found the museum exquisite; the building beautiful, the exhibits well organised and informative in contextualising the artefacts and Gothenburg as whole. The majority of the photographs below are from a military history perspective as befitting this blog but there may be a few others thrown in if I deem them interesting enough.

My knowledge of the artefacts pictured below is not that great and as I forgot to take notes/photographs of the details there will only be a brief description/thoughts. Just enjoy the pictures!

Bronze Age Weapons. What appears to be a 'Grip Tongue' type sword, A classic Bronze Age Spear
head and what I can only assume in a ceremonial axe head of some type.
Two Early Medieval spear heads and a shield boss. I am
unsure whether these are Vendel or 'Viking' era.

A Dane Axehead, unsure of the date.

Three Swords, all of a different type dating from c700AD onwards.
A of Late C15th through to early C17th weapons and armour.

A of Late C15th through to early C17th weapons and armour including
caltrops and shot. I am unsure about the ceramic tiles and
why they were included in the display.

A Winged spear and a Swedish Morion/Pot
A very fine pair of flintlock pistols with ivory and gilt inlay.

17th Century wheelock arquebus.
A pair of 17th Century Swords. Right is a Swedish M1685 I believe. I am unsure
about the left example but it is earlier I think.
The equipment of a Gothenburg City Watchman
And finally, after all those poorly explained photographs comes something rather exciting. The only extant 'Viking' ship in Sweden! It is an exmaple of a Knarr, a trading vessel.

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