Thursday, 27 April 2017

Osprey Modelling Competition

A little while ago (mid march) I entered the monthly Osprey Modelling competition. The theme was 'Dark Ages' and as such I used some of my Romano-British figures as my entry. Below were my entries, I'm not sure which was used in the end. The Osprey Blog should showcase these next week (commencing May 1st, 2017) I have been informed.

My Dux/Comes
The Infantry

It turns out that I won! I was rather surprised as I thought my efforts distinctly average, especially in comparison with some of the fantastic figures seen online. Anyhow, my prizes finally arrived today and I'm quite chuffed with what I received. All of it rather interesting and useful to my wargaming/historical interests. I have not heard anything at all about the game Scrappers but I intend to have a good look through and see if it is suitable for my modern/near future Eastern European post -apoc needs.

My Prizes!
With the Muskets and Tomahawks game fast approaching I have been finishing off the last few figures required. I have also been (finally) getting to grips with my 28mm WWII US Paras from Artizan. Compared to the 18th Century uniform the dull colours certainly make painting a lot easier and faster. Hopefully the reinforced platoon should be ready soon, pictures to follow.

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